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A token that you can truly use across multiple games

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FGL Metaverse 


Cosmic Clash

Cosmic Clash is a tactical game based on the well known mechanic "auto chess". You collect spaceships, put them in the order you want in your battlegroup, then they automatically fight an opponent's fleet 1v1, no player intervention.

The focus is on collecting + trading of NFTs, defeating other players and advancing to the next “galaxy” to access better ships.

Click PLAY NOW to learn more about Cosmic Clash.

Story Charmed

Story Charmed is a hub for interactive illustrated stories. You'll guide characters and plot lines throughout each story to give it your unique ending. Simply choose from the selections given to you along the way, and the story will change based on your choices.


Story Charmed allows you to create avatars that follow you through the stories you read. Choose what the main characters look like. Choose what your love interest looks like. Make decisions in the stories that change the outcome. With Story Charmed, the story is yours!

Coming Soon.