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In 2021 FGL entered the exciting world of Roblox! In cooperation with an ambitious and dedicated team of developers we’re building refreshing and challenging experiences in the Roblox world.


Car Maniacs - by Thick Cake Studios

The ultimate auto-driving simulator! Race, stunt, drift, jump and shoot in one of the many car minigames! 


Customize your sportscar, 4x4, minivan, SUV, racer, buggy or truck and be your own mechanic! Modify the wheels, tires, suspension, dampers, shocks, springs and of course the color!

Explore Race tracks, climb the hill in your 4x4, drift around on our dirt track, stunt around in the halfpipe, do a drag race on the airstrip or jump over buildings!

For anyone tired of racing or scenic drives, the game also features a set of Minigames. Choose Capture the Flag (CTF), Free For All (FFA), Deathmatch or Car Soccer / Football. Enjoy multiplayer action, PvP or in teams.


Check it out on Roblox!


You Are Flying - by Fantastic Choice

Who wouldn’t want to learn to fly? It’s easy peasy here! Hit "jump" to fly and hit "jump" again to stop flying. Can you reach the end? 

Part Obby, part challenge, all flying, all fun. On top of that; Earn fun animations and pets!

Now with over 1 million visits!


Check it out on Roblox!


Berrybrook - by Origaming Studios

Welcome to Berrybrook, the land of opportunities!

Forage, mine and craft tons of different objects. Sell them to build your fortune. Explore the world and uncover secrets. Breed pets and collect them all! Or...just hang out and enjoy the view!


Check it out on Roblox!

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