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FGL has worked with over 70,000 developers across web and mobile and has deep experience with making games both fun and successful on both platforms.


We manage over 2,500 apps, so we know what works. Receive expert advice including retention techniques, monetization strategies and marketing tips.


From app store optimization and user acquisition to icon and video trailer creation, we position your app to get the best chance of being discovered and installed.


Our ad operations team will optimize your ad revenue on a constant basis, as well as hook you up with all the special deals we have in place with various ad networks.


The quality assurance team at FGL thoroughly tests your app on many physical devices every time you push an update.


Clicker Mine Idle Tycoon

Bingo Quest

Home Designer

Mystery Society

Hungry Pet Mania

Match Ventures

Treepeaks Solitaire

Mahjong Flower Garden

Gramps Got No Brakes


Christmas Crush

Story Charmed

Video Kid

Pocket Forest


Spark Genies

Bingo Pet Rescue

Crash Cars

Ocean Blast



The Answers You Need

If you have developed a game, released it to the app stores, and are having success in terms of installs and revenue then maybe you don't!

But, if you are like most developers who have created a game but just can't seem to find any traction, a publisher could help! We can help you fine tune your game to increase retention, maximize the monetization from each player and push installs to help your game climb the charts. We have published over 2000 games and we know what works and what doesn't.

In short, you focus on developing the game and we handle the rest!

We are looking for high quality, high retaining games. Games that people are willing to play for 30+ days. We have had the most success with Hidden Object, Match 3, Mahjong, Bingo, and Idle casual games, but anything that is high quality + high retaining we would be interested in!

In order to see your game's retention, you will need to have an analytics SDK installed. Some of our favorites are Facebook Analytics, Firebase, and Appsflyer.

A good retention goal to shoot for is 40/20/10. Thats a D1 of 40%, a D7 of 20%, and a D30 of 10%.

Certainly! Check out some of our recent success stories here


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